Do you have a text already translated into a foreign language and want to make sure that in addition to being correct, the text reflects your brand identity? Proofreading a text, or “proofreading” in more technical jargon, is the ideal way to refine and ensure the accuracy of a translation.

Why the revision of a translation?

Advantages of Revision in confront of a Translation from Scratch

  • More Limited Costs

Revision of an existing translation often involves lower costs than a translation processed from scratch. This is especially beneficial for those who want an accurate review while limiting their budget.

  • Certainty of Quality Translation

Revision is part of the normal translation process. Actually, it is a later step, just before the delivery of the final translation. With proofreading in fact, I have the peace of mind of delivering a well-translated text to the client. When applied, however, to a text that has already been translated, it is still the perfect option for those who seek perfection without incurring the costs of a full translation.

How the Review Service Works

1.Contact me using the form at the bottom of the page

2. I will ask you to send me the text for revision and describe your specific needs (do you already have a glossary to adopt? Do you have a specific audience?).

3. The time for a professional revision is usually shorter than for a translation done from scratch. After analyzing the text and your requirements, however, I will be able to provide you with an accurate quote detailing costs and timelines

4. On-time delivery. I will return the corrected text to you in the agreed time. You can then have all the materials ready to communicate effectively to your audience.

Ensure the Quality of Your Communication

Investing in revising your translation is a crucial step in ensuring that your message reaches your audience in the way you want it to. Contact me today to make sure every word has the right meaning.