My name is Eleonora Pezzana and I am a freelance translator.

I have been passionate about foreign languages for as long as I can remember. What started as a passion has since become my daily life.

I have an addiction to everything that shines and to tea, coffee and herbal teas.  Every day I worked with a different cup.

Actually, I did not start my working career as a translator.

After graduating with a degree in Languages, I realized that working with words, creating content, translating, is what I wanted to continue doing.

So, after a 10-year stint at an international company in the Biella area in which I was involved in several foreign languages (English, French, Spanish and German), translation and training, I decided that I needed to turn what I loved most into my job. And I started my own business as a freelance translator.

After a few years of translating into the 5 languages I know, two wonderful little girls, a superhero husband, and two slightly crazy cats (Sofie and Harley Quinn), my freelance business became something bigger: an international communications agency.

Thanks to the skills I have acquired over the years and strong partnerships with various professionals, my agency offers various services dedicated to companies, professionals and public entities that have the desire to internationalize.

I help companies, professionals and public agencies communicate in a foreign language correctly and purposefully according to their goals.

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