Transcreation is the process of adapting a message to a particular audience while maintaining the text’s intrinsic meaning, tone and context. It can be employed in the marketing field both in the same language and from one language to another.

Basically, it is a creative translation by which the message is adapted from one language to another, not necessarily word for word, but maintaining the purpose of the text.

Of all the types of translation, it is certainly the one that requires the most skill, somewhere in between the ability to write a text (copywriting), with the application of marketing notions and a good dose of imagination. For this reason, it is generally used for brand slogans, advertising texts and other similar content.

For example, transcreation allows wordplay to be reproduced, making the appealing message usable in different languages and with the same intensity as the source language.

What are the benefits of transcreation?

  • Transcreation returns a message created in one language to another.
  • It allows a brand to become more recognizable.
  • It allows you to attract a portion of the audience that was not previously considered.
  • It can be tailored for small- or large-scale advertising campaigns.
  • Transcreation can be applied to a small portion of text starting from a few words to a larger, more complex text.

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